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Augury Healthcare is an innovative healthcare recruitment and staffing firm serving Canada federally. We offer diversified services, from critical care to specialized roles such as Community work, Outpatient services, Emergency Department, and Operating rooms.


In parallel, we follow equitable hiring processes that support and give fair opportunities to all candidates. We also place a great deal of effort in finding bilingual and francophone french-speaking healthcare professionals.


Our rigorous recruitment process has increased our team's capability far beyond that which we can currently distribute in these two regions; a testament to Augury's commitment towards providing quality service.

At Augury Healthcare, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality healthcare staffing solutions and services. We are committed to building a strong relationship with our clients by delivering reliable, compassionate, and exceptional healthcare staff to meet their individual needs. We also aim to partner with medical facilities, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations that share our commitment to providing optimal care for patients.

Our vision for Augury Healthcare is to become the leading provider of healthcare staffing in the country. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for dependable and experienced healthcare personnel so that our clients can feel confident they are getting the best possible service, every time.

We believe in providing an excellent customer experience throughout our entire process. We value trustworthiness and professionalism so that when our clients contact us they know they can rely on us for prompt and reliable service. We also value integrity - treating all of our clients with respect and fairness while upholding ethical business practices at all times. Furthermore, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by giving back to local communities whenever possible.

About Us


Critical Care Focused


We are focused on recruiting high quality healthcare professionals working in Critical Care Areas (e.g. ICU, CVICU, CCU, NICU, and ED)

Home & Community Care

We have established a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals that may work in areas including but not limited to: Medicine, Oncology, OR, Mental Health, Cardiology, Rehabilitation & Neurology, Community, and Outpatients settings

Multidisciplinary Team


We not only focus on providing nursing services but also work to recruit and onboard RT/OT/PT/SW/PSW/Clerical/Management staff to support fluid service continuum.

Liability & Due Diligence


Our staff are responsible to be covered by their independent insurance as well as our umbrella insurance policy which provides 20 million dollars' worth of protection against Professional Liability, Corporate Liability Workers' Compensation Cyber Security & Auto incidents.

Education Focused


Expand services beyond just staffing to include training programs for nurses on current best practices and continuing education requirements.

All-In-One Staffing Solution


We take pride in offering around-the-clock 24/7 assistance so that we can continuously provide support for both clients and clinicians alike! Our crew consists only of skillful specialists – you won't find anyone better than Augury's talent pool when it comes delivering stellar healthcare solutions!

Our Services


Years of Combined Experience


Total Staff


Healthcare Partners


Happy Patients


Our Partners
Health Professional


“They (Augury) utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline staffing processes and ensure accuracy in data management, including employee records, contracts, invoices, payments, etc. ”

- VP of Client Relations

“ Strong customer satisfaction process demonstrated by this vendor. Augury Healthcare has continued to provide excellent customer service and responsiveness to inquiries and needs.”

- Manager of HR

“The nurses are incredibly attentive and always strive to provide the best care possible. They take their time to explain every step of the process in order to ensure that I am comfortable with all procedures or treatments happening. It is clear that they prioritize patient safety as evidenced by their strict infection control policies and sanitary practices.”

- Patient Family Advisory Board

Success Stories


Contact Information

6D - 7398 Yonge St Unit # 684

Thornhill, ON L4J 8J2 \\ Tel: (647) 697-3634

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday  7AM – 7PM

Saturday    7AM – 5PM

Sunday    7AM – 5PM

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