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we have RN, RPN/LPN, PSW, RT, OT, PT, SW, medics, and occ health staff

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Critical-Care Focused

We are focused on recruiting high quality healthcare professionals working in Critical Care Areas (e.g. ICU, CVICU, CCU, NICU, and ED)

Liability & Due Diligence

Our staff are responsible to be covered by their independent insurance as well as our umbrella insurance policy which provides 20 million dollars' worth of protection against Professional Liability, Corporate Liability Workers' Compensation Cyber Security & Auto incidents.

Variety of Specialties

We not only focus on providing nursing services but also work to recruit and onboard RT/OT/PT/SW/PSW/Clerical/Management staff to support fluid service continuum.

Education Focused

Expand services beyond just staffing to include training programs for nurses on current best practices and continuing education requirements.

Multi-Functional Teams

We have established a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals that may work in areas including but not limited to: Medicine, Oncology, OR, Mental Health, Cardiology, Rehabilitation & Neurology, Community, and Outpatients. 

All-in-One Staffing Solution

We take pride in offering around-the-clock 24/7 assistance so that we can continuously provide support for both clients and clinicians alike! Our crew consists only of skillful specialists – you won't find anyone better than Augury's talent pool when it comes delivering stellar healthcare solutions!

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