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Senior Caregiver

From our warm and approachable office team to our highly skilled, compassionate, and well-trained caregivers, we deeply understand the significance of quality care in your life.


Our dedicated team is committed to offering unwavering support while attentively addressing your individual needs. Together, we craft bespoke solutions that not only simplify your life but also bring comfort and peace of mind to both you and your cherished ones.


Augury Health's primary objective is to ensure that your time spent with our care team is a truly enjoyable and enriching experience.


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Get to know each other

We place immense value on building a deep understanding of our clients before embarking on our caregiving journey together.


Our commitment lies in cultivating a profound familiarity with not only our caregivers' personalities but also their exceptional caregiving talents.


This approach allows us to meticulously tailor our caregiver-client pairings, ensuring that you are matched with the most suitable caregiver for your unique needs.

We recognize that the connection you share with your caregiver is the cornerstone of our services. Our utmost responsibility is to streamline this process, making it effortlessly harmonious and rewarding for you.

What We


Alzheimer's & Dementia

At Augury Health, we recognize the unique challenges posed by Alzheimer's and Dementia, impacting not only individuals but also their families. Our commitment is to offer steadfast support that adapts to your evolving needs.


Appointment Support

Our caregivers are ready to accompany you in a taxi to your destinations, ensuring you have the freedom to attend appointments, run errands, or enjoy coffee outings with friends. Benefit from the peace of mind that comes with their supportive presence.


Relief & Respite

Caring for a family member demands constant attention. Whether you need overnight or weekly respite, our caregivers ensure your loved one's well-being in your absence. Prioritizing self-care is crucial, and our support with tasks like laundry aims to alleviate stress, leaving you at ease.


Comprehensive Care

Our team, including certified Personal Support Workers, is specially trained for compassionate assistance in daily tasks like bathing, dressing, skin care, toileting, and grooming. We believe that simple acts like feeling clean and refreshed can profoundly impact one's day positively.


Supporting Activity

Our dedicated caregivers empower you to relish joyful activities with assurance and assistance. Whether it's exercises, park strolls, or mall excursions, their support boosts confidence. Recognizing the importance of an active mind and body, engaging with our caregivers preserves your cherished independence.



Our companionship goes beyond care, creating meaningful connections. Whether sharing stories, playing games, or simply enjoying quiet moments, our goal is to enrich your life with genuine companionship and support.

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About Our Team

"The caregivers from Augury Health are truly exceptional. They are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field, but they also bring an abundance of warmth and kindness into the home. Their dedication to providing top-notch care was evident in every interaction."

Christina Robertson


If you have not already, please fill out our "Get In Touch" Form. We will then call to speak with you. Afterwards, you will be asked to complete our Application Form. In addition, if it is applicable to you please complete the HST Form. 

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